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Are you burdened by a criminal record that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential? At BRE Law, we understand that everyone deserves a second chance. Our expungement law services are designed to help individuals like you overcome the obstacles created by past mistakes and move forward with confidence. With our professional expungement attorney in Newton by your side, you can take the necessary steps to clear your record and unlock new opportunities for a brighter future.

What is Expungement?

Expungement, also known as record sealing or expunction, is a legal process that allows individuals to erase or seal their criminal records under specific circumstances. Expungement aims to provide individuals with a fresh start by removing the barriers that a criminal record can pose, such as limited job prospects, housing difficulties, and restricted access to education and professional licenses.

The Expungement Process

Understanding the expungement process is crucial before embarking on this legal journey. 

Here is an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Consultation

The process begins with a confidential consultation with our experienced expungement attorney in Newton. During this meeting, we will review your case, discuss your goals, and determine your eligibility for expungement.

  1. Eligibility Assessment

Expungement eligibility varies from state to state and depends on various factors, including the nature of the offense, the time elapsed since the conviction, and your criminal history. Our attorneys will assess your eligibility and advise you on the best course of action.

  1. Document Gathering

To initiate the expungement process, we will assist you in gathering all necessary documents, including court records, arrest records, and any other relevant paperwork. Ensuring the completeness of your documentation is essential for a successful expungement.

  1. Petition Preparation

Our expungement attorney in Newton will prepare a thorough and compelling expungement petition on your behalf. This petition will be submitted to the appropriate court for review.

  1. Court Representation

In some cases, a court hearing may be necessary. Our attorneys will represent you in court, presenting your case persuasively and advocating for your expungement.

  1. Record Sealing or Expungement

If the court approves your petition, your criminal record will either be sealed or expunged, depending on the specific laws in your jurisdiction. Once this process is complete, your criminal history will no longer be accessible to the public.

Expungement Eligibility

Expungement eligibility criteria vary widely across jurisdictions. 

However, common factors that may affect eligibility include:

The type of offense: Some offenses, such as minor misdemeanors, may be more likely to qualify for expungement.

Waiting period: Many jurisdictions require a certain amount of time to pass since the completion of your sentence or probation before expungement eligibility is considered.

Criminal history: The number and severity of prior convictions on your record can impact your eligibility.

During your consultation with BRE Law, we will assess your specific circumstances and determine your eligibility based on the laws applicable in your jurisdiction.

Why opt for Expungement?

Clearing your criminal record through expungement can bring about numerous advantages, including:

  1. Improved Employment Opportunities

With a clean record, you can pursue a wider range of job opportunities, as many employers conduct background checks before hiring.

  1. Enhanced Housing Prospects

Landlords often perform background checks on potential tenants. Expungement can improve your chances of securing housing.

  1. Education and Licensing

Certain educational institutions and professional licensing boards may deny admission or licenses to individuals with criminal records. Expungement can open doors to educational and career advancement.

  1. Restoration of Rights

In some cases, expungement may also restore certain civil rights, such as the right to vote and the right to bear arms.

  1. Peace of Mind

Expungement allows you to move forward with a sense of closure, leaving behind the stigma and limitations of a criminal record.


  1. How long does the expungement process take?

The duration of the expungement process varies depending on your jurisdiction and the complexity of your case. It might take anywhere from a few months to a year to finish, on average.

  1. Can all criminal records be expunged?

Not all criminal records are eligible for expungement. Eligibility depends on the specific laws in your jurisdiction and the nature of the offense. Our expungement attorney in Newton will assess your case to determine your eligibility.

  1. Do I need an attorney for expungement?

While attempting expungement without legal representation is possible, having an experienced attorney significantly increases your chances of success. Our attorneys at BRE Law are experienced in expungement law and can effectively guide you through the process.

  1. What offenses are typically eligible for expungement?

Eligibility for expungement varies by jurisdiction and the specific laws in place. Less serious offenses, such as misdemeanors and certain non-violent felonies, are more likely to be eligible for expungement. However, the specific offenses that qualify can differ significantly from one location to another. Our experienced attorneys will assess your case to determine your eligibility based on the laws applicable to your situation.

  1. Can I expunge a juvenile record?

Many jurisdictions have separate expungement processes for juvenile records. If you have a juvenile record, it may be possible to have it expunged or sealed to protect your future prospects. Our expungement lawyer in Newton have experience handling juvenile expungement cases and can guide you through the process.

  1. Will expungement completely erase my criminal record?

Expungement typically results in the sealing or removing your criminal record from public access. However, certain entities, such as law enforcement agencies and some government organizations, may still have limited access to your sealed record. Our attorneys will provide you with a clear understanding of the extent to which your record will be sealed or expunged in your specific case.

  1. Can I apply for expungement if I am currently facing criminal charges?

Expungement is typically a process for individuals who have already completed their sentences or probation and have met the waiting period requirements. If you are currently facing criminal charges, it is essential to focus on your defense first. Once your case is resolved, you can explore the possibility of expungement with the guidance of our experienced attorneys.

  1. Can I expunge multiple convictions from my record?

In some cases, expunging multiple convictions from your record may be possible, especially if they are eligible under the relevant expungement laws. However, the eligibility criteria and processes can vary based on your jurisdiction and the specific convictions involved. Our expungement lawyer in Newton will evaluate your situation and advise you on the feasibility of expunging multiple convictions.

Remember that expungement can be complex, and having the right legal representation is crucial. BRE Law is here to assist you in achieving a clean slate and a brighter future. Contact expungement lawyer in Newton today to begin the journey toward clearing your criminal record and opening up new opportunities for yourself.

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