About BRE Law, LLC

Our Mission

Serving since 2014

Our mission is to Give Your Voice Power.  So many people feel as though no one is listening! Many people who have attorneys are unable to speak directly with his or her attorney.  Attorney BRE is known for her accessibility and direct counsel. Whether you need help with a criminal matter, family law or personal injury matter, BRE Law can find a solution that works. We represent our clients aggressively with respect, integrity, determination and skill. Let us help you regain control over your legal issue and your life. In the fight for your rights, Attorney Barbara Evans or (BRE) is the champion you want in your corner.

Why Choose Us

Our team’s commitment to your case is clear from day one. Ms. Evans takes the time necessary to listen to your concerns and shares her honest assessment of your case. Attorney BRE believes in communicating with her clients using all mediums – Zoom, FaceTime, text, email and phone. Let us work for you.

Best Case Strategy

What should I do? Before making a decision about your case, Ms. Evans will explain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your case by providing you with a SWOT Analysis. A SWOT Analysis gives you the tools you need to help create the best strategy for the best outcome for your case.


Whether assisting with a parenting plan or negotiating a plea, Attorney BRE will aggressively negotiate the best terms for you. We will not try to talk you into unnecessary litigation that is costly!  We will strive for the best outcome based on the goals you want.


Attorney BRE believes that everyone should be treated with respect and courtesy.  No one is above another.

Dignity is a right we all have!