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Expungement is a legal process that allows individuals to have their criminal records sealed or erased. It will enable individuals to move forward with a clean slate, free from the stigma and limitations of a criminal record. In Forsyth County, Georgia, expungement laws govern the eligibility, types, and penalties associated with the expungement process. Here, we will delve into the expungement law in Forsyth County, explaining the types of expungements available and the potential penalties for certain offenses. Talk to our experienced forsyth county expungement lawyer today at BRE Law. 

Eligibility for Expungement | forsyth county expungement

To be eligible for expungement in Forsyth County, several factors are considered, including the type of offense, the individual’s criminal history, and the case outcome. Generally, eligible offenses for expungement fall under the category of non-violent crimes and misdemeanors. It is important to note that certain offenses, such as serious violent crimes, sexual offenses, and offenses involving minors, may not be eligible for expungement.

Types of Expungements:

Arrest Expungement:

Arrest expungement applies to cases where an individual was arrested but not formally charged or where the charges were dismissed. It allows the arrest record to be expunged, eliminating the public visibility of the arrest.

Conviction Expungement:

Conviction expungement applies to cases where an individual was convicted of a crime but meets specific eligibility criteria for expungement. This type of expungement involves sealing or erasing the conviction from the individual’s criminal record.

Juvenile Expungement:

Juvenile expungement applies to cases involving offenses committed by individuals under the age of 18. It allows for the sealing or erasure of juvenile records, providing a fresh start for young individuals who have demonstrated rehabilitation. 

Penalties for Expungement: 

The penalties associated with expungement in Forsyth County vary depending on the type of offense and the circumstances surrounding the case. It is essential to consult with a knowledgeable attorney to understand the potential penalties specific to your situation. However, here are some general considerations: 

Filing Fees:

When pursuing expungement, individuals are typically required to pay filing fees associated with the expungement process. These fees cover administrative costs and may vary depending on the type of expungement sought.

Legal Representation:

While not a direct penalty, hiring an attorney to navigate the expungement process is highly recommended. Legal representation ensures that your rights are protected, and the process is handled correctly, increasing the likelihood of a successful expungement.

Waiting Periods:

Expungement in Forsyth County may involve waiting periods before becoming eligible. These waiting periods vary depending on the offense and the case outcome. For example, individuals may need to wait a certain number of years after the completion of their sentence or probation before being eligible for expungement.

Discretionary Factors:

The court has discretion in granting or denying expungement requests. Factors such as the individual’s behavior since the offense, rehabilitation efforts, and the nature of the offense may influence the court’s decision.

Future Employment and Background Checks:

Expungement generally allows individuals to legally state that they have not been convicted of a crime. However, it is essential to note that certain employers and government agencies may still have access to expunged records for specific purposes, such as law enforcement background checks or security clearances.


Expungement laws in Forsyth County allow individuals to overcome the barriers imposed by a criminal record. Understanding the eligibility requirements, types of expungements available, and potential penalties involved is crucial when considering the expungement process. Consulting with an experienced forsyth county expungement attorney specializing in expungement law is highly recommended to navigate the process successfully. Expungement can open doors to better employment prospects, housing opportunities, and overall personal growth, allowing individuals to move forward with their lives on a positive trajectory. 

Have you made mistakes in the past that continue to haunt you? Is your criminal record holding you back from the opportunities you deserve? At BRE Law, we understand the impact a criminal record can have on your life, which is why we are here to help you navigate the expungement process in Forsyth County.

Expungement offers the possibility of a fresh start, allowing you to clear your criminal record and move forward with confidence. Our experienced team of legal professionals at BRE Law is dedicated to helping individuals like you seize this opportunity for a brighter future.

With our deep understanding of Forsyth County’s expungement laws and procedures, we have successfully assisted numerous clients in achieving expungements for various offenses. Whether you have a misdemeanor or a non-violent felony on your record, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complexities of the expungement process.

At BRE Law, we prioritize personalized attention and tailored legal strategies. Our compassionate team will work closely with you to understand your unique circumstances and develop a strong expungement case on your behalf. We will meticulously navigate the legal intricacies, leaving no stone unturned to help you achieve the expungement you deserve. 

Don’t let your past define your future any longer. Take the first step towards a clean slate by contacting BRE Law today. Our dedicated forsyth county expungement attorney is ready to provide you with the guidance and support you need to pursue expungement in Forsyth County. Embrace the possibilities of a brighter future, and let BRE Law be your trusted advocate in the expungement process.

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